January 24, 2008

dangers of recycling

This post is in honor of the big boo-boo my niece suffered recently. She told her mommy she was "helping with recycling" when she massively sliced her little finger on a metal can.

She is fine now (5 stitches). What a trooper! And what a noble effort (she has only just turned 3).

I think I will send her mommy a present. This way, we can all help with recycling safely.


Anonymous said...

I highly recommend the "as seen on tv" one touch can opener. It takes the tops off without leaving the sharp edge.

Anonymous said...

Hi momgogreen,
I use this one from Pampered Chef. It's not as clunky as the Oxo but has the same features. Love the 'lid grabber'!

Mama said...

Poor baby! Check out my blog for an organic tee giveaway! Go green!