January 2, 2008


Admittedly, this post is a little late in the season (clementine season, that is).

I love the little oranges that signal the beginning of the holidays. This year I resisted buying them because I noted that they were not organic (even at Whole Foods). As the weeks went by, I broke down and bought some. I thought that since they were going to be peeled, maybe it wasn't such a big deal that they were grown conventionally. Anything to get us all eating more fruit, right?

Then just a week (or so) ago I went to the farmer's market. I hadn't been in awhile due to my schedule, etc. What do you know, they had organic clementines there from Olsen Organic Farm, which is about 180 miles from the farmer's market.

They were so fresh, juicy and sweet. Unfortunately, it was the last week for clementines at the market! Note to self: going to the farmer's market really does make a difference, at least around here where so many different things are available.

And I know this may not be the same, but when googling I came across this option for organic Satsumas. I was looking for an organic clementine option but didn't even think to look at my local farmer's market. DUH! I thought Satsumas might make a satisfactory substitute.

Satsumas from this certified organic citrus grower in southern Louisiana are special gems. The orchard, owned by Lester and Linda L'Hoste, survived Hurricane Katrina with only minor wind damage. The satsumas are $31 for a box of about 10 pounds of fruit, including shipping: lhostecitrus.com.


Mike Pulskamp said...

I just today heard the "Buzz", so I'm quite the newb. I love your stuff, but...
We all need to be aware of the terms we use, and I wanted to point out that "Conventional" farming IS ORGANIC its that petro-chemical stuff that is the new, and ugly kid on the block.
Again, Great stuff!

Mary Beth said...

I buy delightful satsuma mandarins from a little local farm (very local--in town!) and assume they are conventionally grown. But the local part is good, and they are peeled . . . I guess that is good enough for me right now. And eating more fruit is always good.

mom go green said...

thanks for the comment, michael. i totally get your point about organic farming being the original way. i use the term conventional though in the same way my grocery store does. they mark produce as either organic or conventional. so, in the interest of not confusing myself and other shoppers, i follow that terminology.