December 20, 2007

toy safety on-the-go

Maybe you've already finished your holiday shopping (hooray for you!) Even if it is too late for you to use this new tool, it is cool to know about all the same.

Healthy Toys
has teamed up with Moms Rising to develop a mobile way to check if toys are on their extensive list of toxic toys. Here's how it works:

You're standing in the store wondering if a certain toy is safe or not.
Type a text message (from your phone) as follows:

healthytoys [toy name]
send message to 41411

A response will be sent from their database indicating whether the toy or product had a low, medium, or high detection of toxic chemicals.

The search term can actually be the name of a toy, type of toy, manufacturer, or retailer.

If nothing else, the attempt to send the text message should help us feel young again.

1 comment:

Petite Planet said...

This is such a great tip! I have been buying books instead of toys, out of my fear of toy contamination, but this will allow me to get back into the swing of things again! Thanks!