December 9, 2007

no new news

I know Monday is a little early in the week to be too busy to post, but it seems like all my urgent questions need answers from companies that are open M-F. I hope to make calls tomorrow and get some info for the things I'm wondering about like: can you recycle photo holiday cards? do any of the online retailers use recycled paper for holiday cards?

I swear the ladies over at EnviroMom have covered some fascinating topics lately. The recent post about Bisphenol A in baby formula is disturbing news.

One of the things I'm busy with at the moment are homemade gifts. I'm not usually crafty, but I'm taking a doll making class (for waldorf dolls), also knitting little animal creatures for my sons, and have mastered the art of making felt gnomes for prizes at the school's winter fair. I suppose they are green in their own way. I'll share pictures once I have something to show.


Debbie said...

Speaking of crafting, thanks for the idea of using the wool stuffing instead of PolyFil -- duh! I ordered some online (from Peace Fleece) and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival.

Can't wait to see the knitted animals!

Gift of Green said...

Looking forward to the pics!