December 13, 2007

green(ish) holiday cards

Awhile back a reader asked me to look into green holiday card options. Many places suggested not sending the cards, or using an email version. I found that kind of unpleasant. I mean, going green doesn't have to eliminate aspects that bring a smile to faces, does it?

There are companies that make cards from recycled papers. However,
sending an annual photo has become a tradition for many families. I know I look forward to receiving them. I hang them all up at the holiday season. It is a way to feel connected and reach out to people in a way we may not have time to do throughout the year.

I was fearful that photo paper from snapshots is not really recyclable (even though when I called our recycling center the lady who answered says she puts her photos in the recycling bin!) As far as I know, most photo paper is made from plastics and not the same as other papers for recycling. Check with your local recycling enter to be sure.

So, I decided to get a photocard that is printed on regular cardstock. I found many options on various online photo websites (I used kodak gallery). At least these cards can be recycled. I contacted all the major websites to ask about possible offerings of recycled paper, etc. Not one (out of 5) wrote me back. Maybe it is bad time of year for them to admit their offerings are not super-green?

Anyway, I placed an order and loved how they turned out. A postcard printed front and back with several images and a personal message.

Then I saw my typo. UGH!

But it would be wasteful to reorder the whole batch, right? So I'm sending them with the error. At least I tried, right?


Mindful Momma said...

Good thinking...about the recycling angle. I did traditional photocards with shutterfly - a not very green option at all...and now I feel kinda guilty...oh well, can't do it all!
(too bad about the typo!)

Gift of Green said...

I kind of like the typo. It's kind of like, "we had many wonderful adventures this year, yes?" Yes.

Debbie said...

We did the traditional photo cards at Shutterfly, too...which isn't to knock Shutterfly as I love my cards but DUH! Coulda gone for the cardstock.

See? We're all still getting the hang of this!