December 3, 2007

brad pitt is green

Or at least his latest project in New Orleans is green.

I was reading about Brad Pitt's project called "Make it Right" which will rebuild the 9th ward in New Orleans. It is a large-scale redevelopment project focused on green affordable housing and incorporating innovative design. It will create 150 homes by 11 architects.

You can help make the project a reality by contributing to build the homes. If you go to the website you can click on various elements to "purchase", such as low VOC paint, CFL lightbulbs, solar panels, and tankless water heaters.

Each house will be built to LEED/Earthcraft/NAHB green residential building standards. The third party certification of this status costs $2500 (you can fund that, too). And if you want to fund an entire house, the cost is $150,000.

I think it is cool that someone is helping to rebuild New Orleans, and it is awesome that they are doing it in a green way.

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