November 26, 2007

out the door - into compost

We had dinner at one of our favorite places. Not only is the food at Out the Door fantastic, but they have such an impressive waste strategy. Since it is the take-out counter (read: all food to-go) for the infamous Slanted Door restaurant, they took great care in selecting food containers that are as green as possible.

Cleaning up after we ate took a little more time and organizing, but check out the impressive amount of things to be composted! Since they use the corn based plastics, even the plastic cups, straws, plastic sauce containers, utensils and lids can all go into the compost bin. Of course napkins and things are composted, too. Hardly anything has to go into the actual trash.

Sure, eating on real plates might be even better, but this is a fantastic example for take out restaurants everywhere of how an investment in the right products (as well as lots of handy customer instructions) can make a big difference.

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