November 13, 2007

the chemicals inside

Check out this news report about chemicals in everyday items and how they are turning up in people. Unfortunately, I cannot embed the video into the blog. Just click here and then click on the video, "What chemicals are we exposed to..." from November 8th.

See! I'm not the only neurotic one.


Mary Beth said...

Okay, I watched it. Pretty scary stuff. I've been similarly discouraged a bit about how ubiquitous the chemicals seem to be. I'm just trying to do what we can do. Getting rid of the Nalgene bottles was a first step. This weekend I found wax paper sandwich bags! Step by step.

Debbie said...

You aren't neurotic, just worried like the rest of us! Here's the website of the study they're talking about:

Scary stuff; at least people are finally taking this (more) seriously!?!?

Cristina said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I like it! I live in Northern CA too - not too far from you. I'll be back to visit again :)