October 4, 2007

zinio magazines

The other day Gift of Green sent me an email about a green issue of Kiplinger's. I was curious to see it, but don't subscribe to it (I try to keep my magazines to a bare minimum). I searched online and came across Zinio, a way to subscribe to complete magazines online.

Seems like it might be a greener solution, although some of the guilty pleasure of magazines may be laying down on the couch with them or reading them at the doctor's office. Sitting at my desk to read isn't really my first choice.

I signed up for Kiplinger's online nonetheless and have found Zinio to be easy to use. I can see the magazine exactly as the layouts were designed and can search and read offline. Zinio Reader is a downloadable application that runs on Windows and Mac. Some of the perks of reading this way are the use of features like clicking on a headline in the table of contents and zooming straight to that article. You can also highlight text and print the pages as well.

So, while it might a different way to read a magazine, it seems like an interesting twist on not producing and shipping all those paper magazines.


Lisa B said...

Have you ever done a posting on Greendimes.org? They reduce the amount of junk mail coming in. I gave a subscription to my sister for her birthday.

M said...

I just found your blog and love it! I too enjoy magazines on...ummm paper and spend enough time online! I think for news, online is the most eco way to go, I will check out this new zine.

I do however indulge in paper magazines. Yesterday fortunately I found a way to reuse a few...stuffing my home made scarecrow...that made me feel a little better! ;-)

mom go green said...

hi lisa,
yes, i posted about green dimes back in april.
i joined green dimes shortly thereafter and have found my junk mail level to be much better.
it is a great gift idea! aren't you a nice sister?