October 23, 2007

prius rental

This past weekend we went to visit some friends in Seattle. For fun, I booked a "green" rental car with Hertz. I don't own a Prius and thought it would be a fun chance to try one out.

Hertz offers "green" options in the form of fuel efficient, environmentally-friendly cars. The selection includes the Toyota Prius Hybrid, although Hertz has a variety of models the Green Collection fleet. All vehicles are:
• Reservable by specific make and model
• EPA Highway Fuel Efficiency rating of 28 Miles or more per gallon
• Available at 50 major airport locations in the U.S.

In addition, Hertz is donating $1 for every rental from the Green Collection to the National Park Foundation with a minimum contribution of $1 million.

Oh, I know not driving at all would be better and that there is really nothing green about cars, but I was excited to try a Prius all the same. It was pretty funny actually, because once we got the kids and our luggage all loaded in, we couldn't figure out how to start the car! We had to get someone from Hertz to come over and give us a quick demo.

It was fun to drive and we all fit in it well (2 adults, 2 kids in large car seats and luggage). We got about 38 mpg overall. My husband thought that in hindsight maybe he could have driven in a more efficient manner. The car definitely would not be big enough for our carpool needs at home, but I'm glad we can rent one on vacations where we need a car.

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Mary Beth said...

Oh, how fun! It's cool that they offer green options.