October 11, 2007

kiwi magazine

My sister-in-law recently told me about Kiwi magazine. It is a publication for "growing families the natural and organic way." I just picked up an issue which has lots of information about healthy lunches, green school gear, etc. I'm looking forward to checking it out and reading it.

But I have to say, based on a quick first impression, I'm excited to read the articles but also a little put-off by the abundance of ads and the little picture of Barney (yes, that purple thing) on the cover, wishing Barney a Happy Birthday. I'll ignore that for now.

Kiwi also has a website which looks like it has lots of information (plus a blog and podcast). I'm going to check out the recipe section, for sure!


Mary Beth said...

I'm a huge magazine lover but I'm beginning to think that so many are about just selling us things and making us feel like we need so much. Even Wondertime, which I think basically has a good message, has a "stuff we like" column--not an ad, mind you, but an actual part of the magazine. This month a $250 baby sling is one of the featured items. Similar thing with Mothering magazine. Just venting, sorry!

Anonymous said...

The magazine sounds very good. I'll have to look into it. I unerstand that they have a shop on-line and I would like to find some additional shops to get some organic products that are not to expensive for my daughter. There is 1 shop on line that I deal with they have nice organic bamboo and organic cotton onesie's the bamboo tops are very unique. I have given them away for shower gifts and everyone loves them. If you are looking for some nice products go to https://www.babiesnatural.com they have some really cute things.

It just a small thing but I feel better to do my part to help out our enviroment.

Sugar said...

So far I really like Kiwi. So much good info. It actually alerted me to green school supplies and I was able to actually buy a few of the things that I saw in the magazine for my sons this year. They're 9 and 11 and are feeling "cool" that they're green. I saw the Barney too and laughed, but they were talking about good TV and let's face it, my kids loved Barney..lol.. I will check out the babiesnatural site. Thanks "anonymous".