October 10, 2007

ecomom alliance

I knew I was onto something as a "mom going green". It seemed like a powerful part of this whole green movement. I've referenced it before when I found Diane's Big Green Purse, when she write about the collective purchasing power of women to invoke change from industry. I've noted the collective political power with groups like MomsRising. I've just found another interesting group, called the EcoMom Alliance.

The mission of the EcoMom Alliance is, "To leverage the power of mothers to help reduce global warming and to inspire and empower mothers to sustain them selves, sustain their homes and sustain our planet by taking First Steps For A Sustainable Future." They go on to say that "There are over 82 million mothers in the United States alone, so together we represent a powerful force for positive change and by making small changes in the way we shop, eat, drive and even clean, we can help stop global warming."

The idea is that you join the Alliance by providing your name, zip code and email. This way they can count how many women are trying to collectively reduce global warming. They promise not to sell your information or inundate your inbox. They will send a weekly email with updates to keep you informed and inspired. They also offer monthly drawings for "eco-chic gifts."

I signed up. While I'm already doing many of the things on their 10-step list, I figure I'll learn something new and help propel the mom-power!

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