October 25, 2007

green halloween

Here we are at the last weekend before Halloween. You're all ready to have a Green Halloween, right? You can't read a blog or paper or website without all kinds of clever tips to go green this Halloween.

I have to say, my initial reaction was, "Geez, let 'em have a piece of candy once a year!" As Jennifer Lance says over at Green Options, ""Oh no, not another green Halloween post about making your own costume and giving out pencils!"

But there are some great ideas that I think are indeed worthy of consideration. The Nature Conservancy gives a great overview of the impact of the holiday. They cover everything, like why conventional chocolate should scare you, why organic pumpkins are worth it, and eco disposal options for that pumpkin once the festivities are done.

We don't actually get trick or treaters at our house. If we did, I'd probably give out fruit leather like The Green Guide recommends. It is one of my kids' favorite things, so I know at least they'd be thrilled.

We trick or treat in the neighborhood. My kids get an amazing amount of candy for a 3 block walk! So we handle that by having the "Switch Witch" come that night. The kids get to pick their favorite candy to keep (like 3 pieces, whatever seems right to you). The rest gets left out in a pumpkin for the Switch Witch. She takes the candy and leaves a little present in its place.

I read someone's response to this idea which said that it seemed such a waste for all that switched candy to be disposed of—which is why I eat it! (I share it with my husband). No, not quite green of me.

We do have some killer green decorations on our front entry, though. All year we have been neglecting to clean the front stairs or water the plants on them (I watered them once in March). The effect now is incredibly spooky. Lots of cobwebs and spiders (all natural!) amidst the dead plants and some new pumpkins. I promise my neighbors that I will actually clean the stairs in November.


Gift of Green said...

The craziest idea I heard was to compost all your leftover candy. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! Leftover?! As IF! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do love the idea of a switch witch ;-) !!