October 28, 2007

the art of simple food

A few weeks ago I read an article (which also had a little video with it online) about Alice Waters going to the farmer's market in NYC with one of the New York Times food editors. Alice Waters is an incredible figure in the movement for eating local, fresh food. She has been instrumental in starting healthy food programs (with gardens) in local schools.

It was cool to watch her in action at the farmer's market and then make lunch with all the purchases at the editor's home (watch the video and see for yourself). It must have caught me at a good time, because I was indeed compelled to pick up a copy of her new book, "The Art of Simple Food."

I believe this book is intended for the masses, rather than fancy cooking experts. I am hoping to find a way to spice things up a bit with my cooking repertoire (no pun intended!) Since I am bothering to shop for all these wonderful local ingredients, I'd love to know what to do with them. (Last winter I was running out of ideas after the third week of fava beans from the CSA box). The book has lots of information in addition to the recipes. I've flipped through the pages and already several recipes have caught my eye.

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