September 10, 2007

working the program

You know - the reduce, reuse, recycle program? This post is in honor of my blogbuddy, Gift of Green. Recently, she bravely confessed her love of ziplock bags.

As a mom, I can totally concur. Ziplocks are incredibly handy. They keep shampoo from leaking in your luggage. They can hold puzzle pieces and tiny toys. They are great for storing piles of trail mix in your purse. Containing diaper supplies in your non-diaperbag bag. And holding bagels in the freezer. Need I go on?

I am trying to reduce the amount of plastic I use. I am attempting to not buy more ziplocks (luckily I have a stockpile from a Costco trip last year). But I also have been trying to be more diligent about reusing them. Even the icky-sticky ones that I would have normally tossed, I am trying to flip inside out and wash. I am amazed at how easily they clean!

After washing they just need to air dry. I happen to just sloppily toss mine over the knife rack on the counter. But you can also get cooler bag-drying accessories, such as the Gaim Countertop Bag Dryer.

Washing out the ziplocks is the best of both worlds. You don't have to give them up; just use them forever and ever.


Anonymous said...

I have to laugh, because that's exactly where my baggies end up - dripping wet over the knives!

Sheila said...

I used to always laugh (to myself) when my grandmother did this. Now, I know that is more than jost about saving money, it's about saving the planet. I too love my baggies!

Gift of Green said...

I am honored, MGG! You made me laugh today. Thank you.

Wife Soup said...

I love baggies too. Are they dishwasher safe, do you know?

laura said...

Sing it sister! We always wash our bags but sometimes the really do make me nuts propped all over the dishes in the drying rack! Tom also tried clamping them to the edge of the rack with one of those big chip bag clips - that works pretty well. But i'm really interested in finding some kind of a tree to dry them on!

Mindful Momma said...

I get out my tallest wooden spoons and stick them in the dish rack with bags on top! I agree - it would be almost impossible to do without plastic baggies.