September 3, 2007

what's for lunch?

I am gearing up for the back-to-school lunches this week. For some reason making decent, appealing, nutritious lunches has always been stressful to me. Advice from my son's school is to give a hearty, substantial lunch. They suggest leftovers from the previous night's dinner. The thing that cracks me up about that is the assumption last night's dinner was nutritious and substantial! But I'm trying. Cold pizza, anyone?

I've already looked at lots of ways to pack a green lunch bag. I also found some sites which have good ideas for the actual food itself. Kids organics, vegan lunch box, and care2 all had interesting ideas.

And as much as I joke, I really do try to buy whole foods, minimally processed (though some are!) and organic as much as I can. While the sites listed above have lots of great suggestions, the real trick is if your kid actually eats them. All kids are different of course, so finding what works for your kids is key (and herein lies my challenge).

I also want to try making rice balls (onigiri), which I read about on Angry Chicken. Anyone have good recipes for that?


Gift of Green said...

MGG - I say that's assuming there are any leftovers! HAH! :)

Anonymous said...

I DREAD lunches. They are tough. Thanks for these links.

Wife Soup said...

I can relate, by the way I like your blog, am trying in my own way to catch up on the greening.