September 19, 2007

our water our world

Sorry to miss posting last night. I was out at a work meeting and was too tired when I got home to turn on the computer. I'm working on a fun "green" design project for some friends and will hopefully be able to share the details soon.

Meanwhile, I spotted more blog content while driving carpool. Who knew carpooling across the city would have such fodder for momgogreen?

I spotted a bus with an ad for a website called Our Water Our World. The website was developed to assist consumers in managing home and garden pests in a way that helps protect water supplies. It seems to be sponsored by a local water agency.

The site offers:
  • assorted fact sheets on specific pests and methods to manage them without using hazardous materials
  • pocket guide to managing 10 common pests
  • information on where to buy safer alternatives to pesticides, including fungicides and herbicides.
  • an alphabetized list of some (not all) products that are considered
  • safer alternatives to more conventional pesticides.
  • a list of products sorted by the pest it targets.
  • an Ask the Expert feature that allows you to ask a specific question and receive a personal reply.

I'm not sure if it is a little late in the garden season for this info (momgogreen actually has a very brown thumb) but I'm sure it is probably still good to know for future reference. I'm not sure if all the products they recommend are completely organic (many are).

Our plums were completely organic (without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides) but that was due to pure neglect and chance. We didn't do anything to the tree and the plums just showed up!

Of course, you can google for tons of organic gardening resources, such as Organic Gardening magazine online.

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