September 11, 2007

keetsa mattress store

Someone asked me recently about choosing a healthy mattress for a child. I hadn't had a chance to really delve into the research of it. I know many people prefer natural material or organic mattresses.

As I was driving carpool today I passed a new store called Keetsa. They say they are the "eco-friendly mattress store." So when I got home I looked up their website to get more information. They sell mattresses, pillows, as well as bedding protectors, foundations and toppers. They have a store in San Francisco and offer free shipping online.

Since I haven't researched all the kinds of eco-friendly bedding, I cannot vouch for Keetsa's greenness. The mattresses seem to be made from memory foam. Their website says, "Keetsa brings an eco-friendly, sustainability orientation to sleep products with amazing new items such as mattresses, pillows, toppers that deliver comfort night after night. Keetsa also brings safer sleep environments by using everyday, natural ingredients that deliver anti-bacterial benefits. These products come together in one of the most efficient business models that produces a much lower carbon foot print than typical mattress stores…and every day cost savings to consumers in the range of 50% to 75%."

They have a rating system for their products which is a composite score for "how much each product contains a green-factor ingredient: use of recycled material or recyclable materials, use of sustainable materials such as bamboo or unbleached cotton."

One interesting quality of their product is that they use a Patent-Pending process to compress the mattresses into a smallish box for shipping. They claim other mattresses would not be able to withstand this technology. The company says "smaller packaging means a lower carbon footprint from the moment the mattress leaves the factory until it gets to your home."

I would be curious to look more at how memory foam is made, as well as how it compares to natural latex. I also would be interested in some of the processes that they use to add "natural" ingredients to the product, such as green tea and silver.

Do you have a favorite eco-friendly bed? Let me know what you're using!

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Unknown said...

SUPERGREEN washed ---

if you want this product for 1/2 the cost -, also a few of the products can be found at (all of my price quotes are based on a queen size) also "whypaymoreshoppe" seller on eBay has excellent prices.

Keetsa's 10" Cloud = $1044.00
Walmart's 10"" Aerus Natural Memory Foam Mattress =$529.88
Heartland's Theratouch Memory Mattress =$424.94
"whypaymoreshoppe" Classic 10" = $459.99 (free shipping)

Keetsa's contour pillow $69.99
Walmart's Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Contour Pillow $27.88

Keetsa's metal bedframe: $229.99
Bedzine (same owner as Keetsa) metal bedframe $174.99
Heartland's Smartbase frame: $109.98 (incl. shipping)
Walmart's Smartbase frame: $99.99


Keetsa's products are made a manufacture in China, Zinus (yes they have an office in Pleasanton). Zinus holds the patent on "Mattress-in-a-box".

Keetsa is not a mattress company - they are a marketing company.

Many vendors carry the 'non green tea' mattress-in-a-box if you don't want to pay $$$$ for literal green washing. (search "mattress-in-a-box)

If you use a mattress, pad and sheets --- and wash them, you don't need the green tea to 'freshen' your mattress.

If Keetsa were truly concerned about the environment and their customers health they would post the chemical material declaration sheet of the mattress, as well as the VOC testing results.

Keetsa does not give you your $$ back if you are unhappy - just a store credit MINUS 15% and $100 mattress disposal charge????

Keetsa's owner also sells non green tea mattress (and the metal frame) for much less than at Keetsa on a site call

Why did I do all of this research? I hate being lied to --- and I think it is gross that companies like Keetsa are taking advantage of consumers trying to make a more healthy choice.

For budget natural latex (read truly non-toxic) check out: ($975, and they are in Garberville) ($899, certified organic/natural)