September 23, 2007

Easy peasy (via enviromom)

It is true that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. I saw a great post recently over at Enviromom that was completely genius. I love how honest they are at Enviromom. I'll admit, I'm right there with them when it comes to getting a little off-track with recycling in the bathroom. Heather was kind enough to let me repost her entry here for you. Thanks, Heather!

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courtesy of Enviromom

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impact. I've been wanting to put recycling pails in our two bathrooms for months! It's amazing the amount of recyclables that come out of a bathroom: toilet paper rolls, empty shampoo bottles, empty toothpaste boxes, the list goes on. In the past we've just set this stuff on the vanity, thinking we'll remember to take it to the recycle bin in the garage, and of course it just sits there and accumulates and looks messy and sometimes ends up in the trash (and then I have to pick through the snotty tissues, hair and used Q-tips to dig it out again -- lovely!). Not anymore! I picked up these galvanized aluminum pails at IKEA and made labels on my printer that read: "Recycle, please! Paper, cardboard, plastic containers and bags, metal, glass." This way, my kids start to learn what can be recycled, and my guests think twice before tossing something in the trash. The pails also have handles, which makes them easy to take out on garbage day. Gotta love a simple, low-cost solution!


Debbie said...

I love these pails! So cute and serve a great purpose. I was thinking of doing something similar in the kitchen to hold all of our dirty towels/rags that we're trying to use instead of paper towels...these look nicer than the pile in the corner. Off to Ikea we go!

Kristi @ Sunday Afternoon said...

That's a great idea, as I am always digging though the trash to pick out that one empty toilet paper roll. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

Those pail are a great idea. I don't need to worry about digging through the trash because my kids leaves the bottle, etc right where they used them! I just make my morning collection!