September 6, 2007

crimes against nature

I've been reading an eye-opening book by Robert Kennedy, Jr. (he's the environmental lawyer, son of the late Robert Kennedy). Crimes Against Nature is full of amazing information about how big industry is steering government policy decisions.

Kennedy provides in great detail specific facts and examples that simply leave me dumbfounded. As I began reading I thought I would highlight some of the most outrageous tidbits and share them, but honestly each page is full of them. I'd have highlighted the whole book!

I had a suspicion that the EPA and other agencies may not be looking out for my best interests, but now I know the details of why these suspicions are true.

And may I delicately say that this book is for both Democrats and Republicans? Kennedy covers this in the prologue. People in both parties (and others) like nature, and nature has no political party.

The only problem with the book is that I generally read before falling asleep, and this one gets me so fired up and angry that it is not conducive to relaxing. I still highly recommend it. Make it your next book club pick!

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