September 28, 2007

busy busy

Just want to let you know that things are busy here. Like most moms I'm juggling lots of things and the beginning of school has thrown my schedule for a loop! I have lots of posts in the works, though. I'm currently researching green schools, green offices, green beverages and more. When looking for content of what to post I try to find inspiration from the questions I encounter every day (and believe me there are many). The trick for me is trying to remember what the questions were by the time I finally get to sit at my computer at the end of the day!


Debbie said...

Good luck with all of your projects, etc. -- we miss you!!

laura said...

hey amy - i have a project to add to your list.
don't you just love me?
trash bags. trying to move away from plastic but i'm stumped - compostable? paper?
wondering what your thoughts are...