August 15, 2007

where toys are made

I intentionally didn't post about the third toy recall yesterday (I don't want to be known as the recall announcement lady). Have you noticed everyone seems to be saying we should not buy toys from China? Um, have you tried to find them made anywhere else? Not easy.

I decided to start calling my favorite toy companies directly. I learned that Brio trains are made in China. We love our wooden Brio trains and I sure don't want to get rid of them if I don't have to. The company knows customers are concerned and will be sending out information shortly.

While I was hunting down toy companies I found something super-cool. Oompa toys (one of my very favorite places to buy toys online) has started organizing their products by where they are made. I'd say they have a very smart marketing person there!

Click on "2007 Made in Europe" from the left nav bar and you'll find oodles of great toys from brands like Haba, Chelona, Selecta and more. Oompa even lets you find toys specific to the country of origin: France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Spain and The Netherlands.

Happy safe shopping . . . until the next recall anyway.

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Wooden Train Sets said...

It truly is a bummer sometimes to find that so many of our things, both high and low quality are made in China and that we are so dependent upon them, but for better or worse we are in a global economy now, and China holds most of the US debt. They've also specialized economically, and that is why they are able to give us all the things they do at such a low cost, when similar things from Europe or the US cost much more. Brio and many of the other brands now made in China are still fantastic toys. Usually those products which are produced to subpar standards do not have companies backing them that demand excellence, because they don't have to, i.e. Walmart with their shady business practices and treatment of offshore workers. Another sad realization. But it's not always the case. Many many high quality things come out of Asia.