August 5, 2007

water saving heroes

While out and about this weekend, I spotted this new ad campaign at the San Francisco Caltrain station. I thought it was very clever! I like how it makes regular people into super-heros and totally avoids the stereotypically crunchy environmental style.

The campaign was produced by "partnership of Bay Area water agencies and organizations committed to water conservation."

The ads direct viewers to a website which contains tips about saving water as well as rebate information from local utilities. Check it out:


Gift of Green said...

I've always thought that tip about only washing full loads is a riot...I think most moms do *over* full loads! Thanks for posting those pictures - that is a great campaign!

Gift of Green said...

Grrr...blogger ate my comment. Anyway, something about how we moms usually do *over* full loads, oh, and...thanks for posting those pics - that is a great campaign. We east coasters need to get more creative!

ceesutt said...

These are great ads!