August 29, 2007

solar at the ballgame

Today I took my kids to a baseball game at Giants Stadium. I didn't plan it, but wouldn't you know today was sponsored by PG&E. They were celebrating the partnership between the San Francisco Giants and the energy utility which has installed solar energy at the ballpark (believed to be the first major league stadium to do so).

PG&E says they installed about 590 solar panels in three locations at the park. "PG&E will connect the 120 kilowatts of power generated from the solar panels into San Francisco's power grid to help the city achieve its goal to become the greenest city in the nation. One hundred kilowatts of solar energy is enough to power the Giants' new state-of-the-art Diamond Vision scoreboard for the baseball season."

Sounds cool, but too bad the whole stadium isn't powered by its own solar, eh?

The Giants president said, "Through this partnership, we hope to raise awareness about the importance of using energy wisely and efficiently and about the need to develop and utilize renewable energy sources."

Other than that, the game wasn't all that exciting. By the 3rd inning we had made 2 trips to the bathroom. No big home runs from Barry. Lots of home runs for the other team.

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Gift of Green said...

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful stadium! If you are ever on the East Coast visit Fenway for the sheer antiquity of it all, Camden Yards for the atmosphere and the gourmet food, and hey, Yankee Stadium for the experience.