August 28, 2007

a post for the ladies

Am I always the last to know this stuff? I had never thought much about feminine products. Just kept buying the same old kind. I knew people had their preferences and probably stuck with their favorite brand.

One day while in the natural foods store I took a closer look at the feminine care shelf and wondered if what they sold was all that much different. I'll save you the suspense: yes, it is different and yes, you should switch.

Most popular brands of pads and tampons use synthetic materials. The chlorine bleaching used to make the material so white contains dioxins which pollute the environment, are carcinogenic, may cause birth defects and reproductive disorders. Alternately, the brands I saw at the natural food store are 100% organic cotton with no chlorine. And the good news is the natural tampons look just like the synthetic ones and work just as well. Some popular brands to look for and try are: Seventh Generation and NatraCare.

There are other options, too. Products like the Diva Cup and The Keeper are not disposable and therefore reduce the amount of waste considerably. I have not tried this personally, but have read about people who have (check out these great posts on the Crunchy Chicken blog). Treehugger says, "A menstrual cup is convenient, cheaper, healthier, and better for the environment too. There are cups made from rubber and silicone, however it is thought that the silicone cups are better for those who might have sensitive skin or are allergy prone."

And if you're interested in a product that is reusable and washable, they make them. Luna Pads offers an array of reusable, natural products for your period.

All this new info sure has made me wonder what women have been using for centuries. Surely these little changes are still much easier than what women were using even 100 years ago, right?


Gift of Green said...

Are you SURE they are just as reliable as the brand names??! I'm scared!! ;)

And, I'm sorry, I just cannot see using those cup thingies while I'm at work. Or heck, I'll admit it, at home! I guess I'm just old-fashioned I tell ya!

mom go green said...

hi gift of green,

i can tell you the seventh generation tampons look exactly the same and work exactly the same. you cannot tell a difference at all!

i'm with ya on the cup. bravo for the women who like it, but i don't think i'm there.