August 1, 2007

more lead in toys from china

I was reading one of my favorite blogs this evening, Gift of Green, before settling down to write my own post. I'm glad I did because she has alerted us all to yet another recall of lead paint on toys from China. Please read her post and check the recall list.

Buying items from China is frequently a topic of conversations I hear with parents these days. I know avoiding toys from China is a good idea, but sometimes it seems you cannot NOT buy an item from China.

I agree with Diane at Big Green Purse (thanks for pointing to her, Gift of Green!) that it will take lots of consumer pressure on businesses to change things.

I will try to start a list of toys and companies that are making products in countries with stricter regulations. I recognize that is not a guarantee for safety, but it is somewhere to start. If you have a favorite, please share.

And to be fair, there are many recalls on children's products each year. Check this list from to be safe.


Debbie said...

Well, guess which Elmo-obsessed kid has a bunch of these toys? Great. Can't get through on the link right now to get the recall info sent to me, but I'll keep trying. How do we avoid this when it seems like EVERYTHING lately comes with the "made in China" label?? I will check out the Green Purse site too...

Anonymous said...

Mom Go Green - Thank you so much for all the information you share on your blog! I am just starting to "go green" myself.

Gift of Green said...

Yes, recalls are a funny thing (you know what I mean) - I mean, at one point last year there was a recall on Earth's Best Organic Baby Food! Who would have thought! I guess nothing is really 100% safe these days.