August 23, 2007

hazardous waste

Today I took a few things to our hazardous waste collection center. I love this place! They make it so easy to do the right thing. San Francisco has a drop off location for city residents, which is actually a drive-thru drop off! You pull up at the center and workers come over to your car window. You fill out a form while they take the hazardous items out of your trunk. Done. Drive away.

I brought used propane canisters from camping (they only accept small ones), fluorescent light bulbs (can't throw those in the trash - mercury!), used batteries and an old bottle of Draino that I found in our basement. The center also accepts house paint and bottles of cleaning products. If you're wondering what to do with the toxic cleaners under your sink (now that you know to clean green) take them to a hazardous waste facility.

To find a household hazardous waste facility near you, check earth911.

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