July 31, 2007

simple shoes

I made a joke with a friend not that long ago about how before you know it, I'll be wearing hemp shoes. Well, seems the time has come. Today at the Whole Foods I saw some cute mary janes made by Simple. My interest was peaked by the display which described all the eco-friendly materials used to construct the shoes. I had always been under the impression that shoes are made of many undesirable chemicals and materials and that there wasn't much one could do about it.

Hooray for companies that are trying! My new shoes may not be your style, but for my current low-key-mom lifestyle they'll do just fine. Carpool, playground, grocery, here I come! I don't expect my Manolo wearing buddy in NY to be sporting these anytime soon (you know who you are.)

This particular pair from Simple is called the Women's GT Jane and is made from Jute rand (Jute is a sustainable material), bamboo, and recycled tires. Technically, you can even call this shoe vegan. And it is pretty darn comfortable!

I know there are other shoe lines with an eco-friendly product. I hope to highlight them soon, as well. If you know of some, please share a comment.


Gift of Green said...

I have not seen those yet in our Whole Foods. Can provide an update on how well they stand up to the demands of busy moms like us? :)

mom go green said...

hi gift of green!
most whole foods carry different things, so if you don't see them at your local one try shopping for the shoes online or at another local shoe shtore that carries Simple shoes. i'll keep you posted on how they hold up. so far they are incredibly comfortable and QUIET. i can sneak around sleeping children and not make a sound!

Debbie said...

The wonders of Whole Foods never cease to amaze me! I actually had tried these in the spring, but in the plain loafer style (got them from Zappos, by the way). I returned them just because the loafer style looked funny on me, but they were comfortable. These are SO much cuter!