July 15, 2007

san francisco composting

You've heard me brag about our city-wide curbside composting. It is such a cool program, I thought I'd share the details. Who knows - maybe this will help other communities start a program or encourage people to compost on their own. I'll try to do a post soon on do-it-yourself compost (although I haven't done that myself!)

San Francisco gives each home 3 bins. Blue is for all recyclables (and we can recycle loads of plastics, glass, metals and papers), Black is for trash and green is for compost. Since we've been using the green bin we have reduced our black bin contents tremendously.

The thing about San Francisco compost that is unique (besides the fact that they pick it up from you) is that it accepts meat scraps. I don't know how they process it into compost exactly, but I do know that lots of local farmers and vineyards are using it. It is making a great, local, full-circle story.

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