July 8, 2007

make me sustainable

Green social networking.

Huh? This is a test of how up on things you are. Or down with things. Hmm, maybe I'm failing already. My cool sources tell me that social networking is all the rage. MySpace and Facebook are popular with the kids. (I even know one for us parents called, Maya's Mom). Now there is a new network in town, and it has a green twist.

Make Me Sustainable is a website full of excellent tools and resources to help you reduce your environmental impact and also meet other people doing the same. You can take a tour on the website which shows you how to sign up, set up a profile page, and use their Carbon and Energy Portfolio Manager which enables you to measure your impact and find ways to reduce it. In addition, the community aspect is "a forum for discussion, a means for disseminating information on sustainable living and a virtual space to network with other concerned individuals and businesses on a local, regional and national scale."

I read on treehugger that the founders think that the emphasis on bottom-up, grassroots-level empowerment is key. It is geared to enable both individuals and communities.

Finally, social networking for me! See you there?

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