July 3, 2007

maggie's soap nuts

Reader Debbie (okay, yes, she's my sister) sent in this great tip to me. We have not tried the product but think it is so unique that it is worth exploring.

From the product's website:
"Maggie’s Soap Nuts are the only laundry soap that grows on trees!
Truly effective, 100% natural and safe for your most sensitive skin.
Soap Nuts are the dried fruit of the Chinese Soapberry tree.
They contain saponin, a natural cleaner used for thousands of
years to clean clothes, just like the plants used by Native Americans
for washing.

Simply put a few Soap Nuts into the included cotton sack and drop
it in your laundry. Your clothes come out clean, vibrant, and soft.
Replace your laboratory detergents and softeners with the soap
made from Nature by Nature. Your clothes, your skin, your family,
and your planet will thank you."

The website also explains how to use them and other FAQs. After washing with the nuts you can compost them. I think they sound very interesting and want to try them just to see how they work. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

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Unknown said...

I'd be interested to know how these do with cloth diapers, both on how well they clean and if they affect absorbancy at all.