July 23, 2007

lettus cafe

Today I went to my favorite cafe in San Francisco, Lettus. I love their food and that it is mostly organic and local. They offer a great selection (for kids and adults) which is as nutritious as it is tasty. My kids are fans of their Kid's Grazer Plate (apple, carrot, celery, raisins & sliced cheddar cheese or almond butter) for $5.

Their website has lots of information about the cafe (menu, location, etc.) The website also says why eating organic is important:

"Tastes Great
Organic and locally farmed produce is usually picked when it’s ripe and at its peak flavor and nutritional value. Rich soil, farmed without the use of artificial pesticides, produces healthy plants that taste fantastic.

It’s Healthy
Fresh organic foods contain more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients than intensively farmed produce.

High Standards
Organic certification ensures that food has been grown and handled carefully to avoid the use of unwanted chemicals.

Free from Additives
Eating organic ensures you’re getting food free of antibiotics, growth hormones and genetically engineered products.

Good for the Earth
Organic soil practices protect our water resources by avoiding nitrogen-leaching fertilizers and polluting chemicals. Organic agriculture helps prevent these chemicals from getting into the air, earth and water.

Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable farming provides a secure living for farm families; maintains the natural environment and resources; supports the rural community; and offers respect and fair treatment to all involved, from farm workers to consumers to the animals raised for food."

Do you have a favorite eatery that serves local, sustainable organic food? Let me know and we can start a listing of places around the globe!

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Anonymous said...

hi...! even though its long time ago you wrote your article, but i find it facinating. my name is indri,from indonesia. about 1 year ago i had open my cafe, see basiliacafe.com , and yes...after one and a half year is very exiting but also exhausting! in my country,my city especially, are still far away from my idea. its hard and heavy. but...i'll try....