July 5, 2007

green denim

Eco-fashion (eco-everything) is all the rage right now. As people examine how to green their lives, all aspects are under scrutiny. As a busy mom, there is one aspect I am quite familiar with: jeans. Jeans are an important part of my daily uniform. Dress them up or down, wear them in the sandbox or out for drinks on a "moms night out." Most women would agree that selecting jeans is no simple thing. Finding the right comfort, fit and style is a big deal - whether you're shopping at Bloomingdale's or Old Navy.

I have done some searching into the world of eco-denim. Eco-denim is worth considering for a few reasons. Using organic cotton is the first step in eco denim. Cotton uses more pesticides and fertilizers than any other crop. The Del Forte website says, "It takes 2/3 of a pound of pesticides to make one pair of jeans! Conventional cotton accounts for 10% of global pesticide use. The EPA says that conventional agriculture is responsible for 70% of all problems in U.S. rivers and streams." The washing processes that make jeans soft and "broken in" are also important to consider for environmental impact.

It's no surprise that most of the eco-denim jeans seem to fall into the premium denim category. FiftyRx3 (a blog) did a great review of many eco-denim brands, including Del Forte, Kuyichi, Arne & Carlos, Linda Loudermilk, Serfontaine, Levi's and Loomstate. I've noticed that some brands go beyond the product to work with either the agriculture aspect or the production in an effort to improve environmental impacts.

These stylish brands are not cheap, however. Maybe I'll treat myself to a pair if I ever loose all the baby weight!

Image above is the "maiden" cut from Loomstate


Em said...

I recently came upon your blog and just want to thank you for passing along all your research finds and advice on products that are good for our families.

I'm also hoping you might be able to help...I can't seem to find Tommee Tippee cups, Born Free, or Sigg water bottles anywhere. (I live in the Midwest). I'm getting so frustrated! I've tried Whole Foods, BabiesRUs, online, and various other places. Any ideas?


mom go green said...

hi em,
sorry you are having a hard time.

i see that the born free bottles are available online at:

the sigg bottles are available at:
(they also sell the kleen kanteens and cool reusable shopping bags)

and as far as tommee tippee, i don't think i'd continue to use them without calling the company first. they definitely don't have the phalates and things, but they might have bisphenol a since they are made from plastic #7.

hope this helps!

Em said...

Thanks! I'll check out Reusablebags.

Anonymous said...

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