July 12, 2007

fun in the sun

If you're still as confused as I am about which sunscreens to use (or not to use) you can take comfort in sun protective clothing!

There are lots of brands offering both clothes and swimwear with SPF protection. I happen to like Coolibar, mostly because they have simple designs in a range of garments for the whole family. Coolibar clothes have titanium dioxide threads woven into the fabric.

I chose swim shirts and shorts for my boys (plus big hats). They find them very comfortable. I think they like looking like little surfers. My husband even wants a set now!

Of course we still put sunscreen on exposed areas.

My pal Lisa sent me an article from Newsweek (June 11th) that covered Coolibar as well as an alternative product called Sun Guard. Apparently you can add it to your laundry to "treat cotton, linen and silk with a UV absorbing substance." Might be a good resource if you already have favorite garments that you wish could be converted to sun protective gear!


Anonymous said...

Great post... although I have had some bad experiences with Coolibar. I like a company called www.shadysun.com and also www.alexandme.com

Both offer clothing for the whole family.

Gift of Green said...

Omigosh - that picture is adorable! Say, what's their comfort-level temperature-wise? Can they wear the shirts on a pretty warm day?

mom go green said...

thanks, gift of green! they seem really happy and comfortable even in hot, muggy weather. the outfits are very thin and breathable. they do sell short sleeves, too, but then that is more lotion, eh?

anonymous, i'd be interested to know what your problems with coolibar were. luckily i haven't had any. i'll check out the other sites too. thanks for the tip!


Anonymous said...

I was not impressed at all with that website.

Pretty suspicious that they sell bikini style tops and tout them as sun protective and then sell sunscreen too!

I buy my sun protective clothing at www.alexandme.com

they have clothing for the whole family.