June 8, 2007

summer has begun

I'm celebrating the start of summer with a brand new header! Many thanks to the fabulously talented Jill Bliss for the gorgeous illustrations.

Today was our last day of school for the year. It's been so busy! But my mind has been full of all kinds of summer-theme questions. I just need some time to answer them.

For starters, we went to the beach for "kindergarten beach day" this week. I have been using Neat Sheet ground covers for the beach and picnics for years. Only recently did I start to question what it was really made out of. I mean, I knew it was synthetic, but I never thought it through to realize it was likely plastic materials that possibly are difficult to dispose of. Ironic for a product being marketed as disposable! So while I continue to get more answers on that, I will also look for some great all natural beach blankets to use. Ideally it will be something I already own.

I need to find a good sunscreen for me and the kids. I've been using several brands from the natural food stores and I still get a bit red.

Also have birthdays on my mind. Thinking about kid's parties and ways to be environmentally responsible with them (for tableware, favors, activities, etc.)

I sure don't expect to be perfect 100% of the time with all these lifestyle adjustments. I'm just looking for information so that when I do slack it will be a conscious decision. I won't be doing something dangerous or irresponsible out of ignorance or naiveté. It's kind of like being on a diet: you know when you're cheating and get back on track asap. It is summer, after all!


Gift of Green said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER! (Yes, I *am* yelling). It is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!!! Yay for summer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy!
Have you heard of Supergoop? I just found out about it from Daily Candy. It's eco-friendly, created by a dermatologist, and made for kids (and adults too!). They also make a combination sunscreen bug repellent. I can't wait to try it myself!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and all the great info. See you at MM.

Debbie said...

Maybe Mom was onto something reusing the old bedspreads at the beach? Not the most beautiful but when they get full of sand and suntan lotion, who cares?

LOVE the new header! So pretty!