June 26, 2007

plum overload

Talk about local and organic: our tree in the backyard has just produced the most amazing crop of plums. I am blown away because it has never grown this many before, and we don't do a thing to help the tree. We are not what you would call gardeners. We have brown thumbs. It's true. But like my husband said, they must be organic because we sure didn't put anything on them! And they are absolutely delicious - so sweet.

The first day we picked 3 bowls. We have picked at least 4 more bowls since then (and the tree still has tons!)

I made a yummy plum cake, but am thinking I need to try my hand at plum jam. I've never tried canning anything before. If you have any advice or links about making jam, please share them. Of course other plum ideas are welcome, too!


Unknown said...

When we lived in San Jose (years ago) we had two plum trees. They were amazingly prolific. We learned how to can that year and as I recall, plum was fairly easy. It was great as a base for making plum sauces later in the year. If you get too many food banks will take produce. Second Harvest gladly took the 40 or so grocery bags (not kidding) of the plums we couldn't possibly eat or can.

Joanna & Mac said...

Just stoppin' by your blog and not only is it a fun read but you are an amazing photographer! Did you take these photo yourself- they look right out of a Martha Stewart magazine. Nice work!