June 6, 2007

fuel efficient petition

The Sierra Club has many great initiatives to take action for improving the environment. Apparently congress will be voting soon on some legislation regarding fuel economy standards (called the Markey and Platts fuel-economy bill).

As the Sierra Club says, "The technology exists today to make any vehicle -- from cars to SUVs to pickups -- get better fuel economy. But instead of putting this technology to work, fuel-economy standards have stagnated since they were first adopted in 1975. It is time for Congress to once again set higher fuel-economy standards to jumpstart the auto industry to build safer and more fuel-efficient vehicles."

"The Markey (D-MA) and Platts (R-PA) fuel-economy legislation would increase fuel-economy standards four percent each year for the next ten years. If passed, this legislation would save more oil than we currently import from the entire Persian Gulf."

If you'd like to see congress help lead us in the direction towards better fuel efficient options, please sign the petition. The Sierra Club website also has some great Q&A on fuel efficiency and cars. I was excited to finally see an answer to the question: Why does my car get lower fuel economy than the EPA says it is supposed to get?" Aw, you have to click to find out!

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