June 28, 2007

another sunscreen update

As many of you may have seen, Environmental Working Group updated their site with a comprehensive sunscreen evaluation. The data is interesting because it not only looks at the danger of the ingredients, but balances the effectiveness of them in keeping you safe from the sun. The group did an 18-month investigation of more than 700 sunscreens, revealing which are best at preventing sunburn, skin aging, wrinkling, and potentially cancer. This should be a great resource to help find good products - because we all have seen how crazy one tired mom can get trying to figure it all out on her own (see my previous postings the scoop on sunscreen and more sunscreen).

I'll spare you my ranting about sunscreen yet again. Instead, I encourage you to read my friend Carla's blog entry regarding the new EWG database. She summarizes the data far more eloquently than I could.

Ultimately it seems there are tradeoffs and balances with the choices (chemical or mineral? nano ingredient danger? toxic dangers?) Be informed and choose what is right for you.

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Anonymous said...

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