May 7, 2007

offset sticker

Since my car is not getting great mileage and I have yet to find an option that can fit all the kids (carpooling), I decided to offset my carbon.

I chose to buy offsets from terrapass. Their website calculated what my exact car, mileage and type of driving would require. The purchase will offset my emissions for a year. Perhaps by then I can find a better vehicle (hybrid 7 seaters, anyone?) And yes, I know about the Highlander.

But my question to you is this:
Terrapass sends a decal with their logo for your car window as well as a bumper sticker declaring, "This car's CO2 is offset by terrapass." Should I put the stickers on my car? Terrapass suggests, "be loud and proud!" on their website.

On the one hand, it seems like it might be nice to let people know that I am making an effort (maybe offset my guilt a little?) On the other hand it seems like I AM just offsetting my guilt by putting the sticker on my big car.

What do you think? Should I put the sticker on? I've seen some on other cars driving around and I didn't think poorly of it. I thought, "oh, good for them!" But I can see that people might wonder why I don't just buy a Prius.

I am off this week for a little family adventure. I'll be back with a new post next Wednesday. Please share your comments on the sticker dilemma below. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Buddy said...

Mom, I admire your enthusiasm for going green, but I don't know that you can really "offset" your CO2 emissions. I mean, how much of your money is actually going to building alternative energy platforms and how much of it is going to administrative costs? I would forego the sticker and wait until I could get a truly "green" car. Driving a gas-guzzler with a terrapass sticker sounds a little hypocritical. I personally don't own a car and I walk to work. I take the bus when I can and a taxi when I have to. Of course, I live in Vietnam where only a madman would drive in the first place. Good luck in your goal of keeping the world green and clean. I am rooting for you! I enjoyed browsing through your site.

Anonymous said...

In reality, there are bigger ways to offset your carbon. Shopping locally, from farmers markets, etc reduces your foot print more than any car you will drive and more than any offsets you'd buy.

I've thought a lot about this because I have 4 kids. When I drive my big suburban to Whole Foods, I feel like people judge me. If they could only see inside my car and see the carseats and gear.

Also, utilizing any car to it's potential is a way of being green. It's the Hummers with 1 person driving, or Suburbans with 1 or 2 people that are wasteful (even the green car website says so).

Gift of Green said...

How about "My other car is a bicycle." instead? :)

Therese van Houten said...

Am I correct in undertanding that, unless otherwise stated, vinyl is 100 percent PVC? What is your opinion on the safety of PEVA as an alternative to vinyl, for instance for shower curtain liners?

Keep up the good work! Even though every other blog throws us into a state of panic.....