May 21, 2007

glass container update

I've found glass containers that I am really enjoying using. I even freeze chicken stock in them!

this one from Anchor Hocking holds 2 cups.

I actually bought 2 kinds. One is from Anchor Hocking - a 2 cup glass container. The size is just right for many leftovers (and small kids sure have lots of leftovers). They are sturdy and can be used even to serve in. I originally bought just one from to try it out and was later happy to find them at my local Container Store at a lower price (believe it or not) and no shipping!

this one from Ikea holds over 6 cups

The other glass containers which are working well for me are from Ikea. The price is similar to the Anchor Hocking ones. However, the Ikea containers have a silicone seal. The silicone does not come in contact with the food, yet the top should not be placed in the microwave for this reason. I like having the seal for use in the freezer. These are the containers I have used to freeze homemade chicken stock. They come in a variety of handy sizes and are stackable as well.

The sizes between the 2 brands are actually complimentary, so I do appreciate using both of them. They are both quite sturdy and easy to use. And for those who are wondering, I gave my plastic containers to someone who still wants to use plastic and knows that I am switching to glass.


Mark said...

what are the benefits now?
I would like tupperware more because that doesnt break when dropped :)

Greets, mark

mom go green said...

Hi Mark,

I had been looking for plastic alternatives after learning about many issues with toxic leaching and plastic. I did a post on 3/11 called "kid plastics" which started me looking for alternatives. One of the comments from that post wanted to know about options for freezing.

Thankfully these containers seem very durable (yes, I've dropped them!) But you can't really pack them in a lunch bag, which is why I found some stainless containers (see the post "containers from daiso").

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, these ikea jar lid seals have a tendency to break. I've contacted Ikea regarding purchasing replacement seals and only got the standard corporate run around. They do not sell the seals alone. I then asked if I could contact their supplier and they refused to provide me with that information. I asked how that policy jived with thier enviromental commitment and they were rude;y dismissive and sugested that I write a letter. I have been searching for a replacement lid seal but with no luck.


Anonymous said...

do the lids from the container store glass containers just sit in the container? is their wiggle room? i am looking for containers to use in the freezer but dont want to buy products from ikea if they are going to break!

mom go green said...

there is a little wiggle room in the anchor hocking lids, but i still freeze in them. i've been using the ikea ones for quite awhile and have no trouble with the silicone at all. i even put them in the dishwasher all the time. so my preference is to freeze with the ikea ones - but the others work fine, too.
remember to leave a little room for expansion of the frozen item!

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