May 6, 2007

containers from daiso

I had been trying to find some little containers to pack in my kids' lunch bags. I wanted to find something that wasn't plastic, but not as heavy as glass.

I asked a friend where she bought some neat metal containers for packing her daughter's lunch. She told me about a new store sweeping the country (or continent) called Daiso. People have described Daiso as the Japanese version of Ikea. They are self described as "Japan's #1 livingware supplier."

Daiso is new to our area. It sells loads and loads of things (almost too many things). Because of the abundance of cute and inexpensive items, the store makes you want to buy things you don't really need. I didn't like that aspect of it. But I did like that they had many handy and attractive items (ah, if I was interested in plastic I would have scooped up some of the most adorable bento box accessories!) Almost everything in the store is $1.50.

I found the little stainless steel containers which my friend had. They do have plastic lids, but I'm willing to settle for that since not much food will come in contact with the lid and they will never be heated. I also got some bamboo spoons for the lunches.

I don't think Daiso is a "green" store, but I am glad to have found some metal containers in a variety of sizes. I had tried a Sigg lunch container previously, but the size is a little big. The new ones should do the trick.


Gift of Green said...

Cute! Can't wait until it comes East!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I write for The Sustainable Scoop. Thanks for the link, by the way! I want to point out that To Go Ware ( also sells Indian-style metal food carriers. I have one, and I use it all the time. I haven't heard of Daiso, where do you live?

mom go green said...

Thanks for the link, Kerry. I had wondered where to get those cool metal food carriers! The Daiso store I visited is in Daly City at Serramonte (SF Bay area).