May 28, 2007

big green purse

I was excited to see a mention of mom go green on a cool site called Big Green Purse (thanks, Diane!) The site is full of resources and information for green living. They "believe that the fastest, easiest, most direct route to a clean and healthy environment is to shift our spending to environmentally-safe, socially responsible products and services." Essentially, consumers can influence business and industry to go green faster than government regulations will.

Big Green Purse focuses on women because "women spend $.85 of every dollar in the marketplace...That's why Big Green Purse is encouraging A MILLION WOMEN to shift at least $1,000 of money they already spend for an initial $1 billion Big Green Purse impact." You can learn more about the million-women plan on their website.

I think it is exciting to see some validation that individuals (i.e. moms!) can make such an impact and hopefully a difference. I know I am looking forward to reading more at Big Green Purse about topics that I am currently researching, like coffee sources and and beauty products.


Gift of Green said...

Congratulations, Mom Go Green! She must know good stuff when she reads it! : )

Diane MacEachern said...

Thanks for posting my site! I hope it helps women (especially time-pressed moms) find some short cuts to the green products and services they're looking for. I'm finishing up a book right now; as soon as I do (deadline is August 1), look for a lot of new content in th Shop Green Here and Live Green pages. Ideas welcome!