April 22, 2007

unlocking the grocery codes

Ever wonder about the numerical codes on the stickers placed on each piece of produce at the grocery? No, neither did I. I figured it was just a code for pricing purposes. However, it is actually an interesting and informative system once you know what to look for. Here is a great tip I found on Darryl Hannah's website:

"if the sticker # starts with a number "4" it is conventionally grown - which means it is grown using pesticides, herbacides and in some cases even sewage sludge...

if the sticker# begins with the number "9" it is organically grown - that means it has all the vitamins and minerals nature intended and it is grown without toxic chemicals...

if the sticker # starts with the number "8" it is a GMO - beware!!! eating such experimental foods is gambling with your health! the consequences of ingesting GMO's have not yet been determined every packaged item you buy that has corn or soy in the ingredients that is NOT marked organic is from GMO crops!!!"

I had never paid too much mind to the code numbers but am glad to know what to look for now. It also hadn't really occurred to me to be watching for GMO produce, but I'm glad to be reminded to do so because I don't think I would have wanted to buy it unknowingly.

Dole is taking the number on the sticker one step further. If you enter the code from Dole organic produce on their website, it will show you the country of origin, the farm, and the people who grew your food.

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Unknown said...

I didn't know, thanks. Is there a single repository that all this information are stored? Thanks again.