April 10, 2007

paper in the kitchen

I have to admit I didn't arrive at this decision because I thought about how it would save the trees and the planet. It was because I was feeling frugal. I have always bought paper towels in bulk, in an effort to be economical. Lately it seemed like we had been going through them like crazy, and I started fantasizing about not buying them anymore. As I thought about it further, I realized they might be handy on occasion, but perhaps I could start to buy some that were more environmentally friendly. And if you check the price of the 100% recycled, non-bleached options, you'd be motivated to use less, too! So that is what I'm trying for now. We have lots of dishtowels that we use in the kitchen, and a big collection of cotton rags we can use for messier jobs or actual cleaning.

I read a great post on No Impact Man the other day about his efforts to not use paper products. He even includes a nice list of more sustainably produced paper products.

I figured that while I'm at it we can try to use cloth napkins at the table, too. I hadn't made the effort before because my kids were soooo messy that it would have driven me insane. But now that they are able to eat at the table with plates and utensils and we don't have to hose them down after each meal, we'll give it a whirl.

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