April 1, 2007

new toothbrush

Today I came across something that I hadn't really given much thought to: an environmentally friendly toothbrush.

While I was shopping at Whole Foods I saw an attractive brush on display. It is called "preserve" by Recycline. It caught my eye because the handle is made from 100% recycled plastics.

Once I got home I tried it and found the design was pretty cool to use, too. The company's website has lots of exciting information (well, exciting to me. I don't get out much).

For instance, the handle is made from polypropylene (#5). Right now Recycline is getting most of this plastic through a partnership with Stonyfield Farm® yogurt cups.

In addition, the complete brush can be recycled (handle and bristles) if you return it to Recycline. They offer postage paid return envelopes at the shops which sell them. The recycled brushes are then used for plastic lumber.

The packaging is also made from recyclable materials, and the reusable brush canister can be used to keep the toothbrush clean while traveling.

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