April 11, 2007

nalgene not clean

It isn't just in the baby bottles, it's in the grown ups' too. Nalgene bottles also contain bisphenol A. I think this surprises most people because these bottles are used by many who are trying to be environmentally aware by using a reusable bottle. Ecopledge has lots of information about the problems with the Nalgene bottle as well as a campaign to ask the company to switch to a safer material.

I called Nalgene to confirm the presence of bisphenol A. They must get a lot of calls about it because they have a whole page of their website dedicated to it. They admit all their polycarbonate plastic bottles contain bisphenol A. The polycarbonate bottles are clear (and colored clear) bottles. The company said the initials, "PC" would me molded on the bottom and it would have a recycling code #7 on the bottle. They also make bottles using HPPE, which does not have the bisphenol A. These bottles are not clear.

Interestingly, Nalgene posts many links to sites indicating that bisphenol A is nothing to worry about and perfectly safe. Look closely and you can see these sites are sponsored by groups which represent the plastic and chemical companies.

I'm not a scientist, so until they work out their differences I think I'll stick with my stainless steel bottle. Kleen Kanteen and Sigg both have handy, lightweight options.

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Anonymous said...

nalgene now makes a zero off gassing option (made from the same plastic winemakers use) if you don't want stainless steel, or can't seem to find a worthy replacement try to buy the 0 emisson nalgene.