April 17, 2007

green is cool!

Green is everywhere! Well, green talk is anyway. And green talk will hopefully lead to green actions. The key for me is to find ways to make changes that are easy and not too painful.

I've noticed several magazines with green issues recently. Maybe because Earth Day is April 22nd. Maybe because going green is the hot topic (no pun intended). Regardless, the issues are full of great information, resources, tips, and ideas. These are just some I happened to see:

7x7 (April)
Common Ground (March)
Domino (March)
Elle (May)
Outside (April)
Parents (March)
San Francisco
Vanity Fair (May)

And yes, even Martha has posted her Going Green 101. I found some great ideas on her list, like "Swap paperbacks with paperbackswap.com."

I also have seen an educational web game that Starbucks has created with Global Green USA. I don't know if making this interactive tool makes Starbucks green, but getting the info out to people in different ways is good, no? The site says, "Starbucks and Global Green USA collaborated on the Planet Green Game to educate the public about climate change through engaging and informative game play while encouraging individuals to become part of the solution in their own lives. The game also assists individuals - through simple tools and links - in advocating action by elected officials, business and community leaders."

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