April 16, 2007

find your local organics

This is one of my favorite new things. Several months ago I joined a local CSA (community supported agriculture). In our house though, we just call it "the farm box." It is a subscription to receive a weekly or monthly basket of locally grown and usually organic produce, fruits, eggs, or other farm products.

It is a great way to support local farmers since they can be guaranteed customers. You can read a full description of the benefits of such programs on the Local Harvest website.

You can even type in your zipcode on the Local Harvest site and find local CSA options near you.

I am finding the "farm box' gives us a chance to try vegetables that we might not normally select (what a great example for kids!) It also is an easy way to ensure you are truly buying local, fresh produce. It naturally helps you select things that are seasonal and regional, which is becoming tricky at big supermarkets where so much produce is produced in other hemispheres.

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