March 18, 2007

who likes packing peanuts?

Seriously? I just received a package from a well-known gourmet cooking catalog and it was full of packing peanuts! I thought those pesky styrofoam peanuts were long gone. Not only are they a nuisance as they spill all over your home, they are bad for the environment. I thought shippers had moved on to other things. To add insult to injury, the box was imprinted with a notice to call an 800 number in order to find a place to recycle the peanuts! I'm sure customers love that extra step and that all of them take the time to do so (ha).

A few days later I got another box from a furniture company full of yet another kind of packaging peanut. Neither appears to be the biodegradable kind, which I think looks like a white corn puff.

I took all the packaging material to my local "mail it" shop and gave them the peanuts for their use. The woman who owns the shop conceded they are not ideal material, but said she purchases them for use for her business also because the biodegradable ones are too pricey. Apparently if the boxes are not padded well enough the shipping companies won't pay insurance on any claims.

I think I will write to the catalog companies and let them know I wish they'd use something else. Surely there is something better?

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Anonymous said...

The yellow packing peanuts are the best tasting. Have you seen any recipes, yet?