March 26, 2007

walking the walk

Have you read the article from the New York Times, "The Year Without Toilet Paper?" Pretty incredible experiment of a family in New York City attempting to live one year with no impact (they are at 4 months along). Granted, it is an experiment by a writer and his family (material for a new book), but it is good sometimes to see people really pushing things to spark ideas.

I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable going as far as they do, but applaud them for trying. Makes you wonder just how far you can go yourself, reducing your impact on the planet.

Another group who has drawn attention for a similar charge is the Compactors. The original group was made of some friends in San Francisco who decided not to buy anything for one year (exceptions were food, drink and medicines). They have inspired many people to try the same. The Compacters have many clever solutions to find and trade for things they need. Their resourcefulness is impressive.

I try to think how any of these adjustments could be applied to my family's lifestyle. I don't think we could get by without a car. I do think I could compost more and purchase less. I can continue to try and purchase local organic foods from local stores.

I suppose the things that I could try to do are things that I am discovering and writing about currently on the blog. I don't think I am a fringe, all-or-nothing kind of environmentalist. Who knows. We'll have to see where this goes. I might be able to switch to recycled toilet paper, but I don't think I can give it up!

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